My first Mexican bathroom sink

How did we realize Mexican bathroom sinks existed at all?

It was around the spring of 2009 – way before establishing La Tienda -, when my wife and I started thinking about renovating the bathroom of our house. All we knew was that we have had enough of the conventional, and had not wanted to see much of the ‘good old white color’ style around for sure. I can tell you: back then, we didn’t know anything about Mexican bathroom sinks or even Talavera.

We started focusing on the washbasin as one of the key elements of the bathroom. We have had a hard and long time looking for the one we would fall in love with, but it just didn’t seem to come along our way. After some hardship, we had found bathroom sinks in colors other than white, but they had all turned out to be too modern, too glassy, too glittering, too futuristic for us…We had simply missed that rustic touch, a bit of that country or folk style and some kind of fairytale magic that we had felt were the ingredients to our ultimate bathroom sink.

A light at the end of the tunnel: Mexican bathroom sink?

And then, at the brink of despair, we had suddenly remembered our backpack-trip to Central-America years ago. We had spent a fabulous time traveling through Mexico – among other countries – and we immediately had fallen in love with the culture, the cuisine, the people, their history, their architecture and – most of all: THE COLORS! Hey, that’s just what we need! So we had started to look for Mexican bathroom sinks on the internet, and soon we had discovered artisans in Mexico, who had been making just our kind of washbasins for generations, every single item a piece of art made entirely by hand.

All of a sudden, we were surrounded virtually by Talavera ceramics, and we had found that our previous problem had turned into the sweet trouble of selecting only one from a sea of amazing bathroom sinks! Well, finally we had managed to solve this problem, and had ‘merely’ to think about how to ship our newly found treasure safely from the Americas to our good old Europe.

The answer: Mexican bathroom sinks!

We have had some hardship arranging the transport, but we had finally succeeded. I can honestly tell you, that it was really worth the trouble. Not only, because our quest for the holy bathroom sink delivered us the idea to start a business that is La Tienda today, but because of the reward it gave us. Ever since, we feel like smiling when we walk into that new bathroom of ours, and never before had brushing been such an exciting experience, like it is over our colorful, sunny Mexican bathroom sink.