Create your own pattern of Talavera decorative tiles

Decorative tiles of Mexico – Welcome to the colorful world of La Tienda!

 You might agree if we said that our hand-made little gemstones are beautiful in themselves, but their magic unfolds just right when we combine them to form endless varieties of patterns. After all, they are supposed to decorate large surfaces in your home, so you have to be aware of how they look together, right? For this purpose, before you decide to order from our decorative tiles, we try to show you how the spell really works, by presenting you some of our most attractive sample patterns above.

We have already started working on our on-line, interactive decorative tiles configurator, which will enable you to create your own patterns. Until that, you can send us your favourite Talavera decorative tiles (refer to their name, for example: ‘Dragons’), and we post some patterns featuring them, on our Facebook page. Step into the world of La Tienda!