Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors by La Tienda: the ultimate beauties

For five centuries, the talented potters of Mexico have created Talavera tiles, shaping, painting and burning them all by hand. Suddenly they discovered, that there is even a further stage to beauty, so they arranged a ‘wedding’ for the colorful groom of tiles and the shining bride of mirrors. Out of this love affair emerged the Queen of all mirrors: our Mexican decorative mirror! She is the perfect creation of able craftsmen who use their skill and tradition to color the gemstones of Talavera which are ment for her to wear as a priceless necklace. The artists of metal decorate her tin clothes, which equal her shining jewel of tiles, yet allow it to dominate the scene. The Queen’s eyes reflect the speachless admiration and enchantment of the beholder…

Decorative mirrors of Talavera: add a new focus to your home!

Installing a Talavera decorative mirror adds not only a unique touch of exotic style to your home, but changes perspectives, opens up spaces and generates a focus point, drawing the eye upon as if by a magical spell. Regardless of the shape or the size of the mirror you chose, prepare yourself for the queues of visitors, who will admire your decorative mirror without an end, as if standing in the Louvre in front of Mona Lisa. Well, they have the unique charm and beauty in common, haven’t they?