Mexican tiles, sinks, mirrors and colourful interior accessories

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Welcome! My name is Zoltán Arany-Tóth, I am the owner of La Tienda internet store for Latin-American interior design products. Before you start shopping you might want to know what we are all about, right? Well, let me ask you some questions first! Don’t worry, you won’t have to work too hard, I will deliver the answers right away. And in doing so,  I hope I will be able to provide the answer to your question at the same time…Ready?

Zoltan Arany-Toth, owner

Have you always dreamt of a home of colour, sun and fun? All you have to do is embrace the world of colourful Mexican tiles, sinks, mirrors and interior accessories delivered to you by La Tienda!

Home. A private hideaway where you do what you like the most. A safe harbour where you take a break from everyday rush. A paradise spot, where all the grey of the world is shut out, and where colours fill you up with positive energy. We at La Tienda are addicted to colour, that is why our products, like Mexican tiles, reflect sunshine and warmth and paint a bright smile upon your face. Start smiling, get shopping!

Mexican tiles decorating a fireplace

Do you look for high quality prestige products when designing your home? Make the colourful Mexican tiles, sinks, mirrors and interior accessories of La Tienda your first choice!

If quality materials in your home matter to you, if you are not ready to settle for anything less then the best in your home, and if you prefer design home accessories that are still very practical to use, then you are very likely to become a La Tienda customer…Our colourful Mexican tiles are shaped and painted completely by hand according to 500-year-old tradition. Check them out right away in our shop!

Bathroom with Mexican tiles

Mexican tiles in the bathroom

Can’t wait to explore all the hidden gold and gems of El Dorado, the lost city waiting for you deep int he jungles of Latin-America? La Tienda gives you the map to its treasures, the colourful Mexican tiles, sinks, mirrors and interior accessories, designed for your home!

We at La Tienda strive to create homes that are unique and special. Homes, that display an impressive interior design, dazzling friends and visitors with its rustic, exotic flair. Homes, that make you feel like entering into an enchanted cave of treasures that are all there for you to discover and to possess…first, take home with you only the smallest stones of our colourful Mexican tiles collection: the Talavera fridge magnets. You will soon reralize, that each time you look at them, you want more and more of them to surround you…Surrender to our Mexican beauties here!

Do you see any of your desires and wishes reflected int he above descriptions? If yes, you have found just what you are looking for! We are La Tienda, the one and only Latin-American interior design webshop in Europe. Enjoy our exclusive store, bring the Mexican sunshine into your home!

Mexican tiles, the real lost treasure

Find the hidden treasures with La Tienda!