Mexican mirrors Part 1: exotic pieces of art

Thinking about Mexico, a lot of beautiful things might come to your mind: sandy beaches, tropical forests, Aztec temples, delicious food, great music…but have you heard about Mexican Mirrors? Probably you haven’t yet. Do you want to check out the most wonderful pieces of art, made entirely by hand, from the carving of the tin frames to the burning and painting of the decorating tiles? La Tienda will be your guide on an exotic, magical journey!

To be continued…

Ceramic sinks from Mexico Part 1: design your home uniquely and exotically

We are surrounded in our everyday life by ceramic sinks which are no more than simple objects of use, so we hardly even take notice of their existence at all. The usual white blend-in washbasin in the restroom of our workplace; maybe a bit more designed sink at our favourite restaurant: nothing to stop and look at, really. If this is not the kind of thing we imagine in our home, then let’s turn our watchful eyes towards…Mexico! Surprised, aren’t you? When you think about this beautiful country, ceramic sinks might not be the first word that comes to your mind. That will change radically after you have taken a look at our range of Talavera ceramic sinks! Let the journey begin to the land of colourful masterpieces made all by the hand of talented artisans, brought to you by La Tienda!

To be continued…

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