Flower pots from Mexico: the ultimate colour spots for your plants

Flower pots of Talavera: your private, multifunctional Mexican gardener

So, are you interested in our amazing Talavera ceramic flower pots? Well, here we go! If you check out our website, you might learn about the making of Talavera ceramics and the 500-years old tradition of colourful, hand-made tiles in Mexico. Using the same technique, the talented potters create flower pots, planters and vases of all sizes and shapes, decorating them with typical Mexican patterns and colours. Is it a small vase for your daffodil atop of the dining table that you are looking for? Or huge planters to house your bouganvillea bushes along the poolside? Perhaps some really impressive flower pots to decorate the arched terrace of your hacienda and to let your guests go pale with envy? You can find it all among our unique ceramic beauties! Let’s go pick the flowers!


Flower pots for presents: the unique gift ideas from La Tienda

After you have found and acquired your first, very own and special Talavera ceramic flower pot, you will notice that it will attract the eyes of your visitors immediately. You will get excited questions, jealous looks and offers to trade it in for something else. Don’t worry about that, just make sure to remember to give that person a Talavera vase for the next best occassion as a gift. A colourful planter with an evergreen inside for Mothers’ Day? The perfect present! A huge fish-shaped pot to a young couple for moving in a new home? They will be enchanted! A funny little vase in your kid’s room for the birthday flowers? A guaranteed success! Check out our selection for new ideas!