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In the following, we provide you with a short summary of the La Tienda Latin-American interior design webstore’s conditions of guarantee and warranty.

We provide a one-year guarantee for the consumer durables listed in the appendix of Government Decree 151/2003. Specific conditions of more than one-year guarantee are to be found in the products’ certificate of guarantee.

Conditions of warranty are listed in the Civil Code and GKM Decree 49/2003. In accordance with these, we guarantee that the sold product corresponds to the features prescribed by law or contract. If the parties disagree concerning the origin of the fault, the consumer can validate his/her warranty claim by successfully proving the fault’s origin (expert opinion). Within six months from the fulfillment, it has to be presumed that the detected fault was present at the time of the performance. In this period, the burden of proof is carried by our company. If the
consumer knew or had to know of the fault at the time of the conclusion of the contract, our company is exempted from the warranty liabilities.

Conditions of guarantee are to be found in the above mentioned Government Decree 151/2003, the Civil Code and the GKM Decree 49/200, which is also relevant concerning the validation of the warranty claim. Condition of its validation is the certificate of guarantee. It is important that in case of a guarantee validation, the party liable for guarantee is not exempted from these liabilities until s/he can prove that the fault is a consequence of improper use. In case of faulty performance, the consumer may claim an exchange, except if the fulfillment of the chosen warranty claim is impossible, or if compared to the fulfillment of another warranty claim such fulfillment would result in excessive costs, taken into account  the value of the provided product in its immaculate condition, the severity of the contract violation, and the inconvenience caused to the entitled party by the fulfillment of warranty rights. If you are not entitled to an exchange, or if our company does not vouch for an exchange, or if such request cannot be fulfilled until the specified deadline without causing you significant inconvenience, you may require an appropriate discount or you may withdraw from the contract at your convenience. The contract cannot be withdrawn because of an insignificant fault.