Home Accessories of La Tienda: the wonderful world of Mexican ceramics

Home Accessories of La Tienda: tradition and colours

Although our range on home accessories is very wide and diverse, there is a lot our beauties have in common. First of all, they all come from Mexico and are made of high quality Talavera ceramics. They are made completely by hand, beginning with the shaping of the clay, to the drawing of the patterns and the colouring, ending with the burning procedure. The Mexican artisans has been passing on the art of Talavera making from one generation to the other for 500 years now. Take a look at our home decor treasures, and you will discover, that they are all exotic and vibrant, and the sunny colours and funny patterns of Latin-America literally make them come alive.

Home accessories of La Tienda: the ultimate gift idea

If you were looking for something really special to decorate your home with, or a unique and unforgettable gift to surprise your friends, we can assure you: our Mexican home accessories are the perfect solution!

Happy shopping!