Dear Customer!

The following document contains a short description of redemption and withdrawal rights, as well as product replacement information applicable to the La Tienda Latin-American interior design webstore (

You have the right to withdraw your purchase during the so called 7 day cooling-off period, when you may examine the goods as you would in a shop, change your mind and eventually cancel the purchase within maximum 14 workdays without providing an explanation. You can exercise this right starting from the day the product is delivered to you. This procedure is regulated by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations (2000) and the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014).

  • You may exercise your right of withdrawal with the following conditions:
  • The right of withdrawal applies to all products that are returned to us in their opened or unopened original packaging,
  • We can only redeem products that are returned intact, as a whole and in perfect condition,
  • We shall not redeem used products,
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that were damaged after delivery
  • We can only redeem products with regard to the right of withdrawal if the customer, i.e. you include all documents provided with the product (for example, the copy of the invoice, the original guarantee and the user’s guide).

With regards to the above, we kindly call your attention to verify that the product is undamaged and intact upon delivery; in your own interest, please inspect the product as it is delivered to the indicated shipping address and while the employee of the carrier is still present. Should you discover any shortage or damage, please make a short record of these, so that it can serve as proof to us that the product was damaged during or before delivery.

We inform you that warranty claims can be validated with the receipt for purchase. Should you have quality issues concerning our products, we shall proceed as defined by law. Our company is obliged to make a record of quality complaints. We strive to exchange the faulty product within 15 days – or with the given product’s typical shipping time. As for quality complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us here or see our full contact details at menu item “About us”.

If the returned product fulfills the above listed conditions, we oblige to refund the purchase price in full, according to the applicable laws, within 30 days of package delivery. The product can only be returned in person in exceptional cases, and previous discussion is necessary.

With regard to the right of withdrawal, please note that you (the customer) bear all costs accrued from the return of the product. Please do not indicate the value on the package, and do not send a package with unpaid postage or C.O.D., as we cannot accept such packages.

Upon your request, we take care of the return process. Such requests are to be made by contacting us here, or any other way displayed at menu item “About us”.