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1. General information
The use of the La Tienda Webstore and the La Tienda Blog (hereafter referred to as: La Tienda Website) is permitted only and exclusively according to the conditions of use described below. The operator of the La Tienda Website is Habebe Kft. (hereafter referred to as: Habebe) reserves the right to edit, expand or exchange these conditions of use at its own discretion.

Regarding the use of the La Tienda Website, you need to ensure that the use and the related activities under no condition entail the following:

• cause damage to persons, especially minors, or violate personal rights;

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• upload, store or send hyperlinks or content for which the user has no authorization to upload, store or send, especially if these hyperlinks or content violate obligations of secrecy, laws or contracts, or if these are intentionally malicious, and/or

• distribute advertisements, unwanted e-mails (spam) or untrue warnings about viruses, malfunctions and such problems, or call for participation in lottery games, snowball systems, snowball e-mails, pyramid games and other similar drives.

2. Regulations and responsibilities concerning password use
It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to keep any password received to be used on the Website safe and avoid its/their felonious use. If you discovered that your password was accidentally accessed by an unauthorized and/or third party, or there is a risk of potentially felonious use, you are obliged to inform Habebe immediately. Habebe is responsible for taking appropriate actions to block the affected password. Apart from the above, Habebe is not responsible for contractual damages or tort, or any other damages resulting from the misuse of personal passwords, except if the misuse was perpetrated intentionally or by negligence from a Habebe employee or a third party mandated by Habebe.

3. Legal statement concerning third party websites

a. The pages of the website may contain links that lead to other websites operated by a third party (hyperlinks). The contents of these websites are unknown to Habebe. Habebe only facilitates access to these websites, and has absolutely no liability on their contents. The purpose of the links that lead to websites operated by a third party is to facilitate finding these websites. The statements displayed on these websites are not ours. We explicitly distance ourselves from the contents displayed on the third-party-operated websites that are reachable with the links on our website. We are in particular not to be held accountable for possible violations of law or third party rights on these websites.

b. Concerning the websites accessible via hyperlink from the website of Habebe, only and exclusively the owner of the given website is liable, including the published contents, the sales of offered products and the related orders.

c. Habebe is not liable for any violations of law, including violations of copyright, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights or personal rights, occurring on websites accessible by hyperlinks.
d. In case of making a legal statement concerning an order or other transaction, legal
relationship is constituted only between the owner of the given website or the quoting party or person introduced on the website and the user, whereas no legal binding is achieved between Habebe and the user. Please read the general business terms and conditions of the website operator on the website accessible by hyperlink.
4. General legal statement
Concerning the use of the website, the liability of Habebe – regardless of the reason of the damage as it is defined under law – is limited to damage resulting from intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence. Regarding the mandatory liability of Habebe resulting from the severe violation of contract terms and conditions by Habebe, the total amount included in the compensation claim is limited to foreseeable damage. This does not apply to the liability of Habebe that concerns product liability based on law or any warranty. The above mentioned limitation of liability also does not apply to endangering human life, causing bodily injury or damaging human health. All information made available by Habebe was looked up, compiled and – if originated from a third person – adopted unchanged with the utmost care, best knowledge and with goodwill. However, the individual users are responsible for the accuracy, completeness and update of any submitted information. The liability of Habebe concerning incomplete, not updated or faulty information, and the consequences of the user’s possibly incorrect interpretation of information made available is limited to cases of gross negligence and intentional wrongdoing.
Habebe takes all possible measures to ensure that the Habebe websites stay virus free,
however, it cannot be guaranteed that the websites remain completely virus free. Therefore, we recommend that before downloading documents or data, users ensure appropriate security against viruses (e.g. by using antivirus software).
Habebe does not guarantee that the services offered on the Habebe website lack imperfections or faults, and are always available. Due to the overload of computer systems and the internet, Habebe does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the LA TIENDA Website. In addition, Habebe reserves the right to completely or partially shut down or limit the operation and/or availability of the LA TIENDA Website at any time and without notice.
Habebe is not liable for any consequential damage, especially for loss of profit, deletion or interruption of operations, loss of data, except if such liability is mandatory by law.
All information made available by Habebe is available to users – if not specified otherwise – free of charge. All visitors may use and record (download) offered information for their own informative purposes. All other use or marketing of information, especially duplication, modification, any type of publication or advertisement is only allowed with the previously given consent of Habebe or the owner of the given information. Habebe emphasizes that  information contents may fall under the category of protected rights; such protected rights (especially name or brand rights) remain with Habebe without exception.

In case of any lawsuits, the Hungarian version of this text shall be regarded as applicable

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